Well done at last Australia!


It felt like a real moment to celebrate and a huge step forward, at my first wedding where I could legally acknowledge that……… “Marriage, according to the law in Australia is the union of TWO PEOPLE, to the exclusion of all others and is voluntarily entered into for life.” Continue reading

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Paradise Valley Gardens


Paradise Valley Gardens are sparkling, lush and a great place for a Noosa Hinterland Garden Wedding. There are a range of easy and affordable wedding packages available for your elopement or small wedding ceremony. Continue reading

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Oh no! Its going to rain!


So all of your plans are in place you have done a wonderful job and everything is going to work like clockwork ……….You can plan for everything to go smoothly but we all know, the best laid plans of mice … Continue reading

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What is Love?


One couple told me told me when they met; they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered. How lucky are they to find each other?…….. So. What is Love? Continue reading

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Why Noosa for your wedding.


Noosa is the most geographically beautiful place from the North facing Main beach with gentle waves to the surf of the National park, the large expansive of beach that runs from Coolum to Noosa and the peace and ambiance of Noosa river. Continue reading

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So now you are married…


What a journey it has been for you, that lead you to this day. All the preparations and plans have come together and you have finally been announced as husband and wife! So what happens next? I mean in those next few moments… Continue reading

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Late Brides


As a guest it is one thing to be waiting seated calmly in the church listening to beautiful organ music but totally another to be waiting in the hot sun, wind or pending rain, on a beach, nervously waiting for the bride to arrive. Continue reading

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Alan Hughes Photography



Meeting lovely couples and experiencing the depth of their love is always a blessing for me. It is wonderful to see the excitement pending as the wedding day approaches and to see how happy and relaxed they are feeling, knowing … Continue reading

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