Getting married at Noosa Beach

Beautiful Noosa Beach is a busy place for many varied weddings all year round and there are beautiful ceremony locations to choose from, each with its own natural beauty and character. Within easy walking distance from fabulous accommodation and first class restaurants or funky coffee shops and brides are often seen licking an ice cream from one of the amazing Galati bars or sipping Coffee between ceremony and reception.  Like…. just another day in Noosa…   today we get married…..  Fun and frivolity had by all.

The most popular ceremony locations being:-

Maison La Plage Grove, the grassy park along the board walk, in view of passers by, who often stop to witness your event. Great views of the ocean. Suitable for large ceremonies as well as small.

Casuarina Gardens, just off the boardwalka very popular little spot with Casuarina trees for shade and sand beneath your toes. Contains a side area which is sheltered from the ocean breeze as an alternative on a breezy day.  Great views of the ocean and Noosa Heads Beach.

Hidden Grove, a lush green beach bush setting next to Casuarina Gardens but as the name suggests, hidden from the view of passers by and shaded by trees.  Again, great ocean views between the trees.

Laguna Grove, In the grassy beach front park ext to the entrance to the groin, life savers tower and beach. Very easy access from the carpark and great views of Noosa Heads Beach, ocean and the classic life savers tower.

Beach access 15, is a beautiful secluded setting amongst the trees behind the North side of Noosa Heads Beach, it is not far from Laguna Grove and is easily reached from the car park. Lots of shade and Casuarina trees. Possibly not suitable for a larger wedding.

Beach access 12 and 13, unlike the above mentioned locations are places where you can have your wedding set up on the beach itself and feel the sand between your toes. Great sunset photos on the beach here and the sound of the waves lapping the shore. A great 5 min walk along the beach for guests or along the road 10 min walk from Hasting Street so advise your guests carry their high heels, car pool or better still provide transport for them.

River Mouth, a beautiful ever changing beach setting with fantastic views of the North Shore. The hinterland and Mt. Tinbeerwah in the back ground.  Fabulous for sunset photos even if you do not have your ceremony here. Close to the second groin and life savers tower.

Woods Bay, a small river beach or park option with the calm river setting. Close to car park.

Noosa Woods, A larger area of park land and river beach with several options for ceremony location including the timber Jetty which overlooks the Noosa River.

First Point, along the pathway and on the rocks between Main Beach and Little Cove. Suitable for small or elopement weddings fantastic views of Laguna Bay.

Little Cove Beach, beautiful small beach not suitable for weddings of over 35 people due to council restrictions.  Can be little sand in high tide, many beautiful rocks, if you feel Ok about walking on rocks.  No easy parking close by.  Be prepared to walk from Hastings Street or organise a bus to drop off guests, though stopping by the beach access causes congestion on the narrow road. Beautiful views of Laguna Bay.

National Park. The most popular beach to be married in the National Park is Tea Tree Bay as it is the closest to the car park.  It is a 10- 15 min walk up hill from the car park.  So take water on hot days and warn guests that high heels are best avoided.  No flowers are allowed in the National park.

To secure one of the locations for 2 hours, you will need to book a permit from Sunshine Coast Council.