Oh no! Its going to rain!

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So all of your plans are in place you have done a wonderful job and everything is going to work like clockwork ……….You can plan for everything to go smoothly but we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men go adrift if the heavens open on your wedding day and the rain pours down.

It is very important to have a backup plan firmly in place, in the case of wet weather so you need to design two separate wedding venues, one for your chosen location and a venue that will comfortably house all of your guests in the case of a quick change due to rain.

It is important to all the service providers concerned, that your wedding will start at the same time in your wet weather venue; so if the rain does come on your wedding day then you will need to bring Plan B into action without hesitation. Have a list of guests phone numbers on hand and ask someone, usually the groomsmen, to call around and let your guests know that the wedding has been changed to your wet weather plan.

There is nothing worse than having to panic wondering if the rain will go away on time for the start of your special ceremony. Nobody watches the weather forecast as much as a boatie or a bride and couples often take an optimistic point of view, thinking if its just a sprinkling then we will go ahead as planned but it can be the most stressful event if you have not planned well. Your guests who have arrived with fabulous dresses, suits and shoes and their new hair do, will not want to be standing in the rain looking like drowned rat’s so it is important that you plan to cater for their comfort as well as your own and alleviate your stress levels by being prepared for any event.

We get the most perfect weather that anybody can expect in Noosa for most of the year but believe it or not, even so,.. Some days it rains.