Personalising your wedding Ceremony – Getting creative.

The words I hear most often when I ask a couple, to describe to me the type of wedding ceremony they have in mind, are casual, short and simple.

So with a bit of encouragement to get their creative juices flowing, I ask them a few questions and before too long they are brimming with their own ideas of what they would like.  It is often that they do not know what is available to them and that they have not thought about it very much, if at all, at our first meeting.

So it is my job to get you to explore what you would like to make your day unique to you and a day you will remember for all the right reasons.

I tell you the legal paragraphs that you have to include and guide you every step of the way with including the important things but the personalised story that makes your wedding so unique is so easy to achieve with a simple little questionnaire, done at home when you can be totally uninterrupted; maybe light a candle, maybe partake in a glass of wine, pen in hand and away you go.  The Shakespeare in you emerges and the perfect ceremony for you is created.

Many couples tell me they so enjoy this little exercise in exploring their love story and they often talk of a very romantic evening. This can bring you closer to the meaning and ritual of marriage and the joy of the relationship you are about to enter into.  After all.. with the number of people in the world you are so fortunate to have found the one, that you realise, you can share your life with forever.

Many couples think of the set design of their ceremony location, the flowers and the table design to create an atmosphere but often leave the most important part of their day… the actual ritual of becoming Husband and Wife… as an afterthought.  The ceremony itself is where the atmosphere for the day is set and where guests drop into being there for you, leaving behind everything else.

You need to be confident that your celebrant can bring your guests together and bring a joyful, warm feeling and a sense of celebration to the moment.