So now you are married…

What a journey it has been for you, that lead you to this day. All the preparations and plans have come together and you have finally been announced as husband and wife!

So what happens next? I mean in those next few moments………

Do you walk down the “Isle”, beautifully created for you by your wedding decorator; then stop at the end of the carpet, turn round, throw your arms in the air and be showered with affection, congratulations and kisses from the bridal party and guests, (directed by your celebrant to follow you.) Or do you have everyone come forward to congratulate you, offer you hugs and kisses and move away to mingle with the other guests. Or perhaps even you would like someone to pour you a glass of Champers, to toast you and calm those jitters….

What ever you decide on for the finale of your ceremony, it is a wonderful idea at this time to stay close together and attentive of the other and not be separated by the guests, as all too often I have witnessed a bride or groom, searching for the new husband/ wife, to have a photo taken, or just standing there wondering what to do next. The conversations have engaged the groom/ bride for longer that they have herself/himself and bride/groom can be left out on a limb, looking for the other to celebrate this moment with, or a hand to hold.

For all that you have been through, it is time now to congratulate the other and acknowledge the huge step that you have taken together. It’s the first thing you do as a couple, the very first thing! So you want it to be memorable for the right reasons. Take a deep breath, put each other first, be aware how the other may be feeling rather than being swept away by the crowd. Maybe have more hugs and kisses together and let your attention of the other linger on for a while, its your big day after all. Focus on each other and even take a walk off together to have a quiet few moments, before coming back to be the stars of the party.

While it is good to be spontaneous, it is also good not to loose sight of the other at this time, at this very intimate moment, in those first few steps as husband and wife, just be there for each other… The guests can wait a while.