Wet Weather Venues for your Noosa Wedding

Noosa is a most fantastic place for a beautiful beach wedding and most of the time the weather is glorious but it can not be denied, like everywhere else, in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast it rains sometimes and one of the questions asked frequently by couples approaching their wedding day is

“What happens if it is raining?”

It is the wisest thing to have a back up in place as the best laid plans of mice and men can go sadly wrong if all avenues have not been covered. 

If it is raining lightly umbrellas can work well and often couples provide them for the guests but if it is pouring with rain the guests tend not to be fully present and not to listen or enjoy the ceremony, often thinking about their beautiful new clothes and hair do getting soaked.

Glad to announce that here in Noosa we have an abundance of wonderful wet weather venues happy to jump to the rescue in little time at all.

Some fantastic options to check out are :