What is Love?


One couple told me told me when they met; they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered. How lucky are they to find each other?……..


What is Love?

To solve that riddle with just one answer is impossible, for love is so many different and contradictory things.

In the early stages love is excitement and breathlessness, it is the ache of separation and the comfort of togetherness, and it builds inexorably to that moment when “I” becomes “We.”

Later, if blessed, love becomes a stronger, less transitory thing, a foundation for two lives lived as one.

It is all around us, there for the taking, yet to seek it out is futile. It cannot be bought, stolen or given. It cannot be avoided or denied.

Love is the beautiful, wonderful mysterious mortar that binds two souls together and I first heard its voice on the day I met you. It has been with me every moment since. This is what love is.