What shall we wear?

These days at weddings anything goes, the many choices are yours alone but your guests may often be confused as to what you expect of them unless you spell it out to them.

It is not unusual on Noosa Beach, to have Grooms in shorts and thongs, yet with lovely white linen shirt and black tie and it is equally not unusual to have them in full suit with waistcoat and shiny shoes or even top hat and tails. I must say, the brides, more often than not, take the opportunity to buy the most lovely dresses even at the most casual weddings and some of the more formal wedding dresses I see are equally as beautiful to any seen on the red carpet at the Oscars!

Be considerate of the time of year. For an out door wedding; men in black suits and waistcoats, sweltering in the heat of summer whilst waiting for the bride to arrive is not a good look. For brides, shivering with bear shoulders in the middle of winter always has the guests concerned for her health. (you would not want to get sick on your honeymoon!)

Most of us on receiving a wedding invitation would take the opportunity to splurge on new attire but can all too often be left wondering what the dress code is. So lets just take a look at a few options.

When your invitation says:-

White Tie, you can dress up to the nines with ball gowns and men in tailcoat with white tie this attire is usually worn for evening functions.

Black Tie, usually calls for formal attire. Women in long evening dresses, not too revealing. Men in tuxedos, black socks and shoes, white shirts but maybe a splash of colour in the waistcoat, bow tie or tie.

Formal a little more relaxed than black tie. Ladies wear Cocktail dresses or smart skirt and dressy top or a tailored suit. For evening formal, longer dress with evening bag. Men in suits or tuxedo with any coloured shirt with either a tie or no tie.

Semi Formal. Long dresses are not required. Cocktail dress or smart suit/separates. Men in suit or jacket and smart trousers, usually darker coloured. Any coloured shirt and tie or no tie.

Smart Casual does not mean jeans and tee shirts. Women in dressy pants or skirt and elegant top, or dress. Jackets are good for men or perhaps a linen suit. Ties optional.

Beach Formal, for ladies means sundresses or flowing skirts, wrap or cardigan, strappy sandals. For him smart open neck shirt with lightweight or linen trousers. Smart casual shoes or sandals.

Casual. Means what it says and pretty much anything goes but take advantage of the occasion to present yourself well, do make it neat, clean and tidy . Check what others are wearing, if you do not want to be the only one wearing shorts. Remember you will be in the photos on the day.