What shall we wear?

These days at weddings anything goes, the many choices are yours alone but your guests may often be confused as to what you expect of them unless you spell it out to them.

It is not unusual on Noosa Beach, to have Grooms in shorts and thongs, yet with lovely white linen shirt and black tie and it is equally not unusual to have them in full suit with waistcoat and shiny shoes or even top hat and tails. I must say, the brides, more often than not, take the opportunity to buy the most lovely dresses even at the most casual weddings and some of the more formal wedding dresses I see are equally as beautiful to any seen on the red carpet at the Oscars!

Family & Relationship Services

Family & Relationship Services

We all go into relationships with different expectations of each other and the future and the big decision to be married can bring up many feelings of excitement and perhaps uncertainty too. It is essential as a couple, to discuss your expectations and talk about your visions for your future to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the track.

Late Brides

As a guest it is one thing to be waiting seated calmly in the church listening to beautiful organ music but totally another to be waiting in the hot sun, wind or pending rain, on a beach, nervously waiting for the bride to arrive. 

Getting married at Noosa Beach

Beautiful Noosa Beach is a busy place for many varied weddings all year round and there are beautiful ceremony locations to choose from, each with its own natural beauty and character. Within easy walking distance from fabulous accommodation and first class restaurants or funky coffee shops and brides are often seen licking an ice cream from one of the amazing Galati bars or sipping Coffee between ceremony and reception.